What to do with jewellery that I'm not wearing?

May 05, 2022 3 min read

What to do with jewellery that I'm not wearing?

Don’t let your jewellery gather dust. Instead, give them a new lease of life and wear them with confidence.


Gavin and Lorraine of The Diamond Setter believes that every piece of jewellery should tell a story. Pick up a piece from your collection and let it bring back a memory. Better yet, wear it with confidence.


Ask yourself these questions?

  • Have I been holding on to a jewellery but not knowing what to do with it?
  • Do I have old gold sitting around that I want to turn into a new jewellery design?
  • Where can I go to help me design and make a new piece of jewellery?


The Diamond Setter takes pride in rekindling the life and sentiment of jewellery, transforming it into something new that will be lovingly worn. With customer’s approval, we can transform an old piece of jewellery into a custom design that they will wear and treasure for life.

Our no obligation consultation allows you to bring in your old jewellery and start conceptualising what’s possible. In most cases, having the gemstones and precious metals available for re-use will make the process of acquiring a new piece of jewellery more economical.


What are the steps we take in jewellery remodelling?

First, we assess the integrity of the metal and the gemstones and truthfully advise you what can be used.

Next, we codesign the piece with you. We ask relevant questions to learn about what you like. In most cases, we will present 3D models of your new jewellery. This will allow you to visualise and really appreciate the transformation.

We will make sure that your design and budget requirements are adhered to. You can expect that any unused materials you provided will be returned to you.

Lastly, hallmarking. This is a legal requirement for every remodelled piece unless exempt and acts as the guarantee that you are receiving the metal you agreed to.

Our expert advice and guidance will ensure you make an informed decision tailored to your specific needs. You speak directly with the maker, meaning your visions are understood right from the beginning. You get first hand advise on what’s possible and practical.

Seeing the jewellery transform in Gavin’s hands is incredible but the rewarding part is when we see our customer’s reaction upon collection”, says Lorraine, cofounder of the family-owned jewellery studio.

Here’s a recent testimonial from a customer.

“Gavin and Lorraine took their time exploring my thoughts about the pieces I had gathering dust and what I wanted to achieve. We came up with a plan and I left everything in their hands feeling excited and hoping I had done the right thing.  On my appointment for collection, tears sprang to my eyes and I felt overwhelmed. My stones and earrings and ring had taken on a new life.  I completely love them.  The emerald ring and cross are constantly worn by me. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Gavin and Lorraine for their care, attention, workmanship and empathic recreation and fusion of past present and future.  I truly believe they have that one special ingredient which permeates their work.  Love.”– Chris Harker

Gavin Marsh is the master jeweller of The Diamond Setter. He has 20 years of jewellery making experience and his studio is located at Salomons Estate where you will see him hands on creating jewellery and diamond setting.


The Diamond Setter

Studio 3 Salomons Estate


01892 458 042




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