Sustainable Jewellery

Operating on a small production means unnecessary waste are eliminated which are common in mass produced jewellery business. The Diamond Setter works with precious metals supplied by merchants whose commitment to the environment is to only use recycled raw materials where possible and limit their impact on environment. Their discipline and processes adhere to UK's environmental regulations which are among the stringiest in the world. A closed recycle production is practiced in all aspect of the operation, including keeping of lemel and scrap. No work is outsourced enabling us to support local talent. 

From conception to delivery, it is all done under one roof. Our sustainability does not compromise the quality and luxury of our unique handmade jewellery.

Our Story

A small family owned business, The Diamond Setter was created by Gavin and Lorraine in 2020. They serve the retail public and trade work.

The inspiration behind The Diamond Setter is to create an unintimidating jewellery shopping experience accessible to everyone.

In 2024, The Diamond Setter held the status of Osmium Institute Partner in the UK and the pioneer to create Osmium Jewelleryin the country.

The Diamond Setter is located in the historic Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells, a borough not far from London where modern life blends in with the town's natural beauty.

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