Diamond Certification

A diamond certification is an impartial summary of the authenticity of a diamond and the specifications such as carat, clarity and cut etc, carried out by expert gemologists or diamond laboratories. We choose GIA as our service provider for our diamond and gemstone certification. 

We take the weight off your shoulders and take care of the intricate paperwork. We are registered with GIA and have been obtaining certificates for our clients.

    The Process  

    • Diamond GIA certification has to be a loose stone
    • If your diamond is in a mount (jewellery), we will unset the stone (extra cost)
    • Other precious stones can be submitted with the mount
    • We then submit a gem certification report on the GIA portal, to Antwerp
    • Pack the diamond securely according to GIA's specifications
    • We ship the diamond through Malca Amit, the preferred courier of GIA
    • We track the shipment for you and we get updated by GIA once the diamond is with them and in process
    • Your diamond is secured and insured whilst in transit and whilst at GIA laboratory
    • Allow 3 to 5 weeks to process and longer if there are any holidays in between
    • Once complete, we get a notification from GIA laboratory of the initial assessment and we can then request to print the report
    • After that, the diamond or gemstone is sent back to us through Malca Amit
    • We contact you for collection
    • We set it back to the jewellery mount (extra cost)

    The Diamond Setter Way