Wedding Ring Guide

May 16, 2022 3 min read

Wedding Ring Guide

This wedding ring guide will help you through the different considerations you should make when deciding what kind of rings will best suit you.

Metal – gold, platinum or palladium or a contemporary metal. You want to ensure that the symbol of your commitment is not just representing beauty but also durability.


The kind of all precious metals, explore gold in three different colour varieties such as white, yellow, and rose. All 18ct gold is 75% pure gold, and the remaining 25% is made of a combination of different metals that provide additional strength and create the chosen colour. Read about metal composition on our precious metal guide.

If opting for white gold, it is worth knowing that there is an additional process to enhance its colour, where it is plated with a white metal called rhodium to conceal yellowish tones created by the gold content. This plating wears off over time and needs to be replated every 6-18 months for optimal brightness. Our guide to learning about white metals will give you a detailed information if this is the right option for you.

Gold rings can also be made with lower gold content such as 14ct or 9ct and are available in the same colour varieties (white, yellow, and rose). They are also lower in cost compare to the18ct gold due to its lower gold purity. 

Considering the metal of the engagement ring for the bride is a top priority. We always recommend matching the metal of your engagement ring. Not only is this best for matching the look of your engagement and wedding ring set, but also better for the longevity of your rings. Each metal option has a different hardness which means mismatching metals may cause the rings to wear away over time.

We often see men during wedding ring consultations who are concerned about what rings are suitable for their work. Many jobs don’t give specific requirements regarding wearing a wedding ring, but the few that do may suggest a hardwearing metal that can sustain hard knocks or not wearing a ring at all. In this case, platinum, palladium, or even alternative metals would be better options.

Width, Thickness, Profile & Finger Size

The width of a ring refers to how much length of the finger will be covered by the ring. For couples looking to incorporate specific designs or styles, we help advise what width would be ideal.

The thickness of the ring measures the depth of the wall of the ring which can be most easily seen by resting the ring flat on a table. Wedding ring thickness is very important because a thin ring can bend easily with everyday wear.

Profile, or outside shape of the ring is looking at factors like, flat across the top, rounded, pointed into a shape called knife-edge and even completely round from the top to the inside. The best option for women is to match the profile of the wedding band to your engagement ring, which can be accurately matched by hand in our workshop.

Men will usually choose their profile based on personal preference and the shape that most suits their hands.

Size, your wedding ring should sit snug, but not uncomfortably so. Ideally, it should slide easily onto the finger, but be met with slight resistance when being taken off. 


Like engagement rings, wedding rings are also highly customisable, and this includes options for stones, patterns, mixing metal colours, fitted or contoured band for ladies. For example, a classic row of white diamonds never goes out of fashion for a ladies’ wedding ring, and a contoured or shaped band ensures a perfectly harmonious look and feel.

Finally, the finishing touches such as hallmarking (a legal requirement in the UK), engraving names, wedding dates, fingerprints, vintage finishes, and mill grain details to name a few.

Start building your wedding band with all the options mentioned above. Our band builder is a tool to help you create a wedding band according to your own specifications.

The Diamond Setter believes in creating personalised and unique pieces that are cherished for a lifetime. Ensuring your jewellery can stand the test of time with everyday wear means paying special attention to the structural integrity of every piece. We design and create rings that adhere to our strict quality standards without compromising on strength or beauty. We deliver elegant, expertly made rings that will be proudly worn for years to come.

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