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Blue diamonds and gemstones are highly sought after and over the centuries, people have adorned themselves in glittering blue stones and the trend continues to be popular these days.

Due to the discovery of rare precious blue stones including diamonds, the value of a blue gemstone has increased significantly.


If you're thinking of a blue gemstone, the very first that will come to mind is Princess Diana's ring which has been given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. Sapphires. To this day, sapphires are a favourite alternative to diamonds in engagement rings due to their lustre and durability. Sapphire is the birthstone for September and is also the 45th wedding anniversary gemstone.


The stunning aquamarine is known for its beautiful watery blue and green hues signifying the ocean. Aquamarine is the birthstone of March and 19th-anniversary gemstone. With a close connection to water, aquamarine symbolises tranquillity, harmony and clarity. It has soothing properties believed to calm the mind and balance emotions.

Tanzanite can only be found in a very small area of Tanzania, making it a very rare and precious gemstone. The value of this stone has gone up in recent years due to the fact that it is becoming rarer. The stones have deep blue and violet hues. If you are celebrating your birthday in December or a 24th wedding anniversary, this is the gemstone to mark the occasion.

Blue Topaz - beautiful and captivating and also the gemstone to choose as a more affordable option. Topaz is a symbol of love and affection and the gemstone to mark 4th anniversaries or November birthdays.

Spinel is not always the front runner in choosing a gemstone for jewellery. But it has always remained a firm favourite amongst gemologist and as time goes by, spinel is slowly gaining traction.

A spinel can be found in almost every colour. However, cobalt-coloured stones are becoming increasingly popular due to their brightness.

Spinels are particularly inexpensive but considerably durable, making for a great addition to any form of jewellery. They are frequently used as imitations or simulants of a variety of other blue gemstones. Spinel is also known as the modern gemstone for August birthstone.

Blue Diamonds are extremely rare in nature and highly-desired within the gem industry. The presence of boron as an impurity in natural diamonds is rare and creates what we see as blue diamonds.

There are irradiated diamonds which are natural and real diamonds and can exhibit colours such as blue, yellow, pink. Although they have colours, they still have the same refractive index because they are natural.


Other Blue Coloured Gemstones

Blue gemstones will always retain the power over jewellery collectors and gemologists the world over. The rich history that many blue stones carry, and their strong associations with power, royalty, loyalty and wisdom all make them hugely sought after. Precious blue gemstones tend to stand out in a way that many other stones don’t, making them the perfect addition to any item of jewellery. Whether you have jewellery sparkling with diamonds or tanzanite, topaz or sapphire it’s sure to be admired and adored.


The Diamond Setter has access to ethical suppliers of blue gemstones including the rare blue diamond. Give a gift of a gemstone and allow your loved one to decide how they want it in jewellery. Let us know how we can help.

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